Human Trust Foundation is a 501c3 on a mission to connect a community of entrepreneurs and Web3 creators to build a symbiotic and regenerative relationship between technology, humanity, and our planet.

Events Hosted

35 events in 7 countries
  NFTree Art Sales
11 NFTrees Sold
 325,000 Industrial Hemp
planted to remediate destroyed soil in Hawaii
Discover our transformational community of impact entrepreneurs, conscious creators, and regenerative degens, on a mission to help humanity.

Beautiful art is awesome, but beautiful art that helps save the world is even better! Join us as we collectively strive plant 1 Trillion Trees with our NFTrees. Starting with industrial hemp to remediate soil in Hawaii. Join Team Earth!
​Imagine if, thousands of communities around the world came together under one DAO with a shared vision - to steward the New Earth. We the people are calling in all Earth Stewards to join us in giving birth to a new way of living together as one global humanity.

Join the Humans I Trust Community

We are an international network of creatives, entrepreneurs and visionary leaders who come together in some of the most beautiful places around the world. We celebrate life by sharing our dreams, our skills, and our passions. We cultivate life long life long connections by building a community on the foundation of trust.

Join the HIT Angel NFT Collective 

Trust is a rite of passage. It is a process of transformation that allows us as individuals to build confidence and competence within ourselves, our partnerships, and our communities. 

The HIT Angel Collective is a community that shares our gifts, talents, and codes to assist each other in growing together. We are a collective of creators, entprepnreurs and visionaries who are making a positive impact in the world.

And we go on epic adventures around the world together! 

Your Journey into the Angel Collective starts  when you receive your Angel Wings. Once you meet us in person, you can apply to join our Angel Council

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As an environmental impact charity and investment vehicle, we are dedicated to catalyzing a movement in regenerative finance, leveraging impact investment and our Donor Advised Fund, to make it easier for individuals, businesses, and investors to give back to the environment, create a healthier climate, protect biodiversity, and help reforestation and ocean clean up efforts around the world.



Over the past 10 years our team has been dedicated to serving humanity through innovative, purpose driven initiatives, and our dream is getting even bigger!

We are seeking donors who believe in our shared vision and are willing to stand with us to catalyze change. Donate $111, $1,111, or $1M! 

Every contribution makes a huge difference in our trajectory toward bringing humanity back into alignment with nature. 



Your carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide and methane) that are generated by your actions.


The average carbon footprint for a person in the US is 16 tons, per year. Globally, the average is closer to 4 tons. 


To have the best chance of avoiding a 2℃ rise in global temperatures, the average global carbon footprint per year needs to drop under 2 tons by 2050.


We are the Human Trust Foundation. For the past 6 years we have hosted transformational masterminds around the world bringing together visionary creators, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs to cultivate deep connections that go beyond the average networking event.

Our global community of “Humans I Trust” are guided into deep levels of authentic connection, vulnerability, and radical transparency, as a platform to establish strong business partnerships on the foundation of trust.

This type of interaction opens people up to a profound level of connection that is rare to find in the business world. 

Our mission is to plant trillions of trees, clean the oceans, and help humanity heal. 

We are the Human Trust Foundation, stewarded by Leaders I Trust. 
For the past 6 years we have hosted transformational masterminds around the world bringing together visionary creators, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs to cultivate deep connections that go beyond the average networking event.

Our global community of “Humans I Trust” are guided into deep levels of authentic connection, vulnerability, and radical transparency, as a platform to establish strong business partnerships on the foundation of trust and love.

This type of interaction opens people up to a profound level of connection that is rare to find in the business world. 

Our mission is to plant trillions of trees, clean the oceans, and help the humans connect who care about making a positive difference. 

Humans I Trust Community



Virginia Salas Kastilio - Founder of Humans I Trust & 
Co-Founder of Human Trust Foundation
Virginia Salas Kastilio is an Earth Steward, Crypto Advisor and Serial Entrepreneur who was named one of Inc. Magazine's top 27 Women to Change the World. & Hackernoon one of the top 16 Women in the NFT space. She is an internationally acclaimed speaker, marketer, activist & Founder of Humans I Trust, the Human Trust Foundation & CMO of Veme. 

The “Human Trust Foundation” is stewardship circle of entrepreneurs, dedicated to saving the earth by leveraging advanced technology and blockchain innovation to turn the earth into a living bank. They are currently launching their NFTree Trust initiative, with which they aim to plant 17 billion trees in the next year, whilst simultaneously making the NFTree more valuable for the NFT holder through carbon credits. 
"Talk to me about NFTrees, VEME, Building Regenerative Villages, Trust in Business & Polyamory."
Jonathan Barry -  Co-Founder of Human Trust Foundation
Jonathan Barry Fritzler is an impact entrepreneur and investor on a mission to activate conscious leaders and create systemic change. After a near death experience in 2009 he had a profound awakening that compelled him to shift his efforts toward helping humanity. He launched Everyday Hero Project 501c3 and raised $1M to build a recording studio in Hawaii. In 2013 he participated in the World Youth Forum and helped advise the UN in establishing what later became the Sustainable Development Goals. As a youth advocate he published the book “Hack Your Education” was published as a curriculum in universities and highschools internationally and presented a TED talk on the “Education Energy Movement”. Today Jonathan creates "meditations for your medication" with his nutritional supplement company Transcend Alchemy and hosts transformational leadership retreats including meditation, business strategy, and somatic therapies. 
“Talk to me about how we can apply disruptive innovation to solve the worlds greatest challenges”


Rob Lenfestey -  Founder of Manadala Springs - Trust Village & Mandala Chocolate
Rob Lenfestey is a global leader and innovator in holistic entrepreneurship, regenerative land management, health and wellness and holistic human empowerment. His multifaceted approach and innovative businesses have established him as a forerunner in the renaissance of human excellence for the planet and for future generations.

Rob is Founder and CEO of Mandala Naturals (Mandala Chocolate), Mandala Springs and Convergence Lifestyle, three businesses that embody the cutting edge innovation, expanded systems and technologies representative of his effective and unconventional approach to business and lifestyle. He is also Campaign Director and board member to non-profits and on many advisory committees for various impact projects around the globe.

“Talk to me about how to turn your inspiration into tangible innovation & protecting forests worldwide!”

Ruby Chase
Ruby Chase is... MUSIC AS IMPACT 
Weaving tribal rhythms with enchanting melodies, Ruby’s vocal DJ experience is designed to awaken the senses and take the audience on a journey of expansion, purpose and play! Ruby Chase uses music as her avenue for activism by approaching her music production, songwriting and live performances as a tool to inspire positive social impact
“Talk to me about music! It is a language we all speak. No matter your upbringing, religious background, conditioning or financial class, great music has the power to unify and empower. ”
Matthew Cooke -  Founder of Body Based Breakthrough (B3)
Matthew T Cooke is the founder of Body-Based Breakthrough and The Aligned Performance Method. He combines his 10 years of professional experience in marketing, sales, yoga/meditation, neuroscience, and consulting with his love of helping others master their personal performance. He has curated content with 200+ of the world thought leaders on topics ranging from neuroscience, to productivity, to conscious business, to mindfulness and spirituality, to health and fitness.  
“Talk to me about peak performance, energy management, and nervous system regulation for peak performance!”

Adam Roa-  Founder of the Create Community
Adam Roa is a conscious artist, filmmaker, poet, inspirational speaker, host of “The Deep Dive” podcast, and was listed by Goalcast as one of the “Top 33 Gamechangers to Watch in 2019″. His viral poem, “You Are Who You’ve Been Looking For” has been viewed more than 200 million times, and he has spoken on stages at some of the largest forums from MindValley to Oslo Freedom Fest. His potent spoken word poetry and deeply moving multimedia creations take the viewer on a transformational journey that leads to greater self-awareness and compassion for all life. As a multidisciplinary creative, Adam founded Surrendered Artist after going through his own journey from making art for consumption’s sake to creating art for conscious evolution. Adam has lived every part of the artist experience - from feeling like he had to sell out to be seen, to learning how to trust and amplify his own unique expression. Adam now guides and empowers other artists to create the same opportunity for themselves.
“Talk to me about your artistic expression and how you use it to heal the world!”

Carsten Gauslow -  Event Director -  Human Trust Foundation
Carsten Gauslow is a New Earth leader devoted to leaving the world better than he found it (Tukún Olam). With years of experience in curating events, social media, modeling, positively influencing. Carsten is now the founder of OneVibeGroup, a group revolutionizing the event & entertainment space by integrating carbon neutralizing technology and a trees for tickets program ensuring the worlds first carbon negative events. OneVibeGroup is also showing the world that we are all truly OneTribe, one human family. His main mission is to heal the world through life changing experiences.
“Talk to me about how we can utilize music festivals as a vehicle for conscious evolution”

The Human Trust Foundation is launching the NFTree Art Accelerator! This NFT Initiative is being implemented to empower the next generation of creators and innovators to utilize their art to plant billions of trees globally!


We are deeply inspired by the NFT Movement and excited to harness this revolution to regenerate our planet and its precious ecosystems - starting with planting billions (and eventually trillions) of trees! 

Imagine if your ART COULD HEAL THE EARTH! 


Your artistic mastery is the master key to unlocking the hearts of donors and art collectors who want to see real change in our world. We are calling visionary artists, gurus of memetics, and shamans of the digital realms to donate their master work to this initiative. 

In exchange you will receive an honorarium (percentage of sales), and you will gain a team of believers who promote your works to our world wide network. 

Funds raised from the NFTree art auction will be utilized to plant trees to sequester carbon, remediate soil and create jobs for land stewards, in addition, to funding youth education, awareness campaigns, and programs to activate our next generation of changemakers. 

We are driving a strong marketing effort toward this initiative and already have investors lined up to bid on our gallery. 

We would be deeply honored to have your support!

Help us spread the word by promoting our Impact NFT Gallery on social media or within your network!

Plant trees with an NFTree

Our 70 million dollar NFTree Gala will plant 17 Billion Trees in total. Starting at 1 ETH.

Join us at our next event

Grab your ticket and join the best of our community coming together.

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