Trust is one of the secret ingredients of life. It is what the esoteric hermetic alchemists discovered along their findings about the universe and the fabric of reality. It’s only by trusting… that you discover the mysteries of life. It’s by hurling yourself into the abyss only to discover it’s a feathered bed, as Terence McKenna used to say. 

Trust house is a portal. An initiation. A rite of passage into the unknown to discover some of those secrets ingredients… and delve into them with your fingers like you would do in a honey pot.

By trusting and coming in… you’ll be welcomed into our human experiment. Our human experience…

You will laugh. You will cry. You will commune with music. You will experience cathartic healing. Communitas through shared experiences. Inneffable moments. Mind opening adventures. Connection. Expansion. Ekstasis. 

Some of the best experience designers in the world will be curating incredibly special moments for you, from blindfolded dinners to henna rituals to some of the most delightful and delicate music experiences your ears, but more importantly, your body has vibrated with. 

There will be space for transformation, for deep connection, for cuddles and laughs, for growth, for daring joy. 

All designed for you. With care. With knowledge. With style. 

Trust house is surrendering to life and touching the alchemical gold, kissed by the soft sun of summer in Ibiza, bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, right where your normal life ends and poetry begins. 

You haven’t experienced anything like this. Open the door… We are already waiting for you.

One time we brought 400 people to an immersive fortress island sailing boats to discover the remains of an old civilization that reimagined language. We once created a speakeasy that you could only enter through a giant vagina guarded by a goat out of which we kicked out a European prince. We have offered lavish dinners where naked skin was part of the tasting menu. We have created temples and rituals, ecstatic dances under three thousand year old baobab trees. 

We took over a 10m penthouse in Miami for the whole week of Art Basel and danced to the rising sun every morning moved to tears by the community & love created there. For the whole month of SXSW Humans I Trust HQ was the Alpaca Playhouse, where MasterHearted and Celebrated on how to avoid the Alpacalyse. The Alpacapalooza ensued instead, where we all bonded for life. Before heading to our Castle in Switzerland before the World Economic Forum and freed 12 spirits from the castle who were waiting there for us to pass the torch of world peace. We accepted. 

We have assembled a team of high level experience designers and community organizers to curate your experience. 

This summer in Ibiza everything will change. We will reconnect with our primeval essence. We will explore what being human means. We will connect. We will explore. We learn what trust can do for the world.

Humans I Trust Community
powered by NFTs

You are entered a sacred space.

Of humans coming together to build new earth. 

An Ecosystem where we can trust each other and our businesses. 

Becoming a part of Humans I Trust is a process. You must be invited into the circle of trust. We like to do this by getting to know you face to face at a Humans I Trust or partner event around the world. 

You can access our events with tickets and/or our Angel Wings . (Angel Wings NFT on OpenSea) Once we get to know you, you apply for membership and get invited into the Humans I Trust by a luminary, you are eligible for our Soulbound NFT membership cards.

Are you ready for your trust quest?

Trust House Ibiza

Humans I Trust
 Enjoy the Ride
Ibiza Portal Activated

 Sat. July 9-23, 2022

The best mansion in
Ibiza, Spain
Our planet is a beautiful playground & we want to explore it with humans we love & trust. We gather in luxurious dream locations & co-create spectacular sandboxes for our global soulfam to celebrate life. 
Our Humans I Trust leadership squad are a group of world class leaders in authentic relating, crypto, music, new earth leadership etc who have facilitated for Elon Musk, BBC, Dr. Joe Dispenza, WEF & many more.
We love beautiful JPGs, but even more than that, we love regenerating our soil, cleaning our waterways, bringing education to those in need & much more.
Ask us how you can join Team Earth!

Become part of the Family

Join Humans I Trust

Hello my Love,

Here are all are, on this special path together.

Creating, learning, mastering, rebuilding. 

And now it is time for us to come together. Get organised and unite forces. 

Will you join us?

So much Love,
Virginia & Jonathan

Humans I Trust Community


Virginia Salas Kastilio - Founder of Humans I Trust & 
Co-Founder of Human Trust Foundation
Virginia Salas Kastilio is an Earth Steward, Crypto Advisor and Serial Entrepreneur who was named one of Inc. Magazine's top 27 Women to Change the World. & Hackernoon one of the top 16 Women in the NFT space. She is an internationally acclaimed speaker, marketer, activist & Founder of Humans I Trust, the Human Trust Foundation & CMO of Veme. 

The “Human Trust Foundation” is stewardship circle of entrepreneurs, dedicated to saving the earth by leveraging advanced technology and blockchain innovation to turn the earth into a living bank. They are currently launching their NFTree Trust initiative, with which they aim to plant 17 billion trees in the next year, whilst simultaneously making the NFTree more valuable for the NFT holder through carbon credits. 
"Talk to me about NFTrees & why our Humans I Trust Angel NFT Collection is my favorite new thing we've created :)"
Jonathan Barry -  Co-Founder of Human Trust Foundation
Jonathan Barry Fritzler is an impact entrepreneur and investor on a mission to activate conscious leaders and create systemic change. After a near death experience in 2009 he had a profound awakening that compelled him to shift his efforts toward helping humanity. He launched Everyday Hero Project 501c3 and raised $1M to build a recording studio in Hawaii. In 2013 he participated in the World Youth Forum and helped advise the UN in establishing what later became the Sustainable Development Goals. As a youth advocate he published the book “Hack Your Education” was published as a curriculum in universities and highschools internationally and presented a TED talk on the “Education Energy Movement”. Today Jonathan creates "meditations for your medication" with his nutritional supplement company Transcend Alchemy and hosts transformational leadership retreats including meditation, business strategy, and somatic therapies. 
“Talk to me about how we can apply disruptive innovation to solve the worlds greatest challenges”

Nico Alcalà

I have lived many lives. Instead of finishing my degree, I led a team of 200 people in the making of The Cosmonaut, a transmedia experience where we created a whole story universe about the space race. It was licensed under Creative Commons and crowdfunded by 5000 people, raising more than half a million dollars. After directing a feature film and thirty short films, I became CEO of my second company: Future Lighthouse. During three years, we turned it into one of the world’s leading Virtual Reality studios, winning numerous awards and paving the way for the future of storytelling.

In 2018 I decided that it was time for another change. Years ago, while editing my first film, I had created a secret restaurant with a waiting list in the hundreds. Cooking not only filled my heart… It was also the perfect canvas to continue telling stories…

"I am excited to experience special moments with you."

Amanda Joy Gilbert
She was first introduced to the sacred art form of henna (Mehndi) while resettling refugees from all over the world. She found this artform to be a powerful tool that broke all cultural boundaries, religious boundaries and brought a transformation of healing. Since 2010, she has grown to master the art of henna, using it as a tool for healing, blessing and love.
This ancient art form creates healing that begins with the mind, with breath and, with choosing love over fear. Henna is more than just symbols on the skin; it is a representation of protection, blessings, self love, and beauty. It is meant to be temporary to remind you the everything in life is temporary. What you are going through now will naturally fade, as does this artwork.
With her 2017 collaborative ArtPrize top 5 2D entry, Amanda Gilbert changed the way people viewed women going through chemotherapy and the harsh realities of living with cancer. More importantly how these women going through cancer view themselves. Her passion for this effort, led her to start the nonprofit “Henna Crowns of Courage.”
This nonprofit is a platform for these women to share their experiences, and in doing so it also brings educational awareness of health, cancer, and the healing power of positive mindset to the community as a whole.
“She became a warrior princess who carried the sweet smells of earth on her skin and the essence of her beauty upon her sleeve.”
Leyla Salvade - Founder of Standing Light - NFTree & Earth Trust Artist 
Leyla Salvadé is a Heart Intelligence Coach and educator, and founder of Standing Light™️. Leyla focuses on helping both individuals and teams understand and utilize their Heart Intelligence, which is often neglected by modern science and psychology. To help build and trust this muscle and intuitive vessel, Leyla offers 1 on 1 coaching, corporate team-building workshops, speaking engagements, Heart To Table™ a 4-6 hour immersive workshop based in a curated setting, and The Standing Light Method; a movement-based meditation incorporating both guided and intuitive participation. 
"Transforming leaders from a mind-based mentality to a more heart-centric humanity. Let me show you how to use Heart Intelligence to realize + actualize our sustainable future!"
Welcome to the Humans I Trust 2022 Event Lineup
We have epic experiences planned for the HIT Community, and we would be delighted for you to join us. This life is a co-creative venture, and we are calling in our community to join us in creating memories that will last for a lifetime. All of our events are sprinkled with various elements of healthy lifestyle experiences, epic parties, brilliant humans, and education that aims to help us all be abundant and thive!

January 21, 2022, North American Bitcoin Conference Miami Activation

February 22, 2022, Angel NFT Gala, Austin Texas

15th of March - SXSW Angel Gala - RSVP on Next Link

19th of March - SXSW Earth Angel Gala - Evening dedicated to NFTrees & Earth Angels

March 28- April 1, NFTLA HIT Activation at the Dharma Den

April 9th, Miami $BTC Refi2030

7th-11th of May - HIT Yacht Croatia - 4 Nights trip with all your besties in the Adriatic Sea

17th - 27th of May - HIT World Economic Forum - Galactivate the WEF with us

June 5-12th - Ibiza UpGame with United Planet

July 9-23 - Ibiza Trust House - HIT Residency @ S'ermita

11.11.22 -22.11.22 - HIT Private Island in Fiji - Gathering of the conscious tribes on a private island resort

You will be delighted by our Humans I Trust facilitators, serenaded by incredible musicians & get to take part in our Angel NFT & NFTree movement for regenerative planetary impact.

 🌴 NFTree Impact Art Gala - MIAMI 🌴 

The Human Trust Foundation has launched the NFTree Art Accelerator! This NFT Initiative is being implemented to empower the next generation of creators and innovators to utilize their art to plant billions of trees globally!


We are deeply inspired by the NFT Movement & excited to harness this revolution to regenerate our planet & its precious ecosystems - starting with planting billions of trees! 
Imagine if your ART COULD HEAL THE EARTH! 


Your artistic mastery is the key to unlocking the hearts of donors & art collectors who want to see real change in our world. 

We are calling visionary artists, gurus of memetics, & shamans of the digital realms to contribute their master works to this initiative. 

In exchange you will receive an honorarium (percentage of sales), & you will gain a team of believers who promote your works to our worldwide networks. 

Funds raised from NFTree art auctions will plant trees to sequester carbon, remediate soil, increase prosperity for indigenous land stewards & help fund youth education access to uplift & amplify our next generation of change makers. 

We would be deeply honored to have your support!

Help us spread the word by promoting our Impact NFT Gallery on social media or within your network!

Plant Trees with NFTrees

Our NFTrees start at $1,000. 
Plant Trees, join the NFTree Trust.


Delight in our community and play with us across the world. Are you ready?

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